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Psychology of Gamesmanship - How to Manage Mind Games and Tricks (buy)

Psychology of Gamesmanship - How to Manage Mind Games & Tricks
Unscrupulous players, trainers, and coaches do not abide by the concept of good sportsmanship. They want to win and will use any means not specifically forbidden in writing (and are willing to push that limit too). They will exactly follow the letter of the rules, but not the spirit. To such individuals, every type of distracting tactic is acceptable and used to gain any advantage, however small.

The ways that these tricks are applied against innocent opponents can be subtle or obvious. Expert gamesmen set up a variety of tricks and traps that are only recognizable by the consequences that bear testimony to their effectiveness. Even an unskilled amateur's effort (so obvious that young children recognize the blatant effort) can affect and bend the concept of fair play.

Become educated in these subtle and unsubtle ways of competitive psychology. Once the concepts of gamesmanship are understood, knowledgeable observers (referees, officials, and spectators) will see competitions in a new way. They will easily spot these attempts. For their opponents who now understand what is happening, effective steps can be taken to nullify, deflect, and even trap the instigator.
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The Art of Team Coaching (buy)

The art of war is of vital importance …” are the words, written 2,500 years ago, by the famous & ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu. This is how millions of students began their study of warfare and battlefield management. His words (translated by Lionel Giles) are presented here, followed by its application to managing teams.

This book provides insight into the proper mindset of playing smarter and winning more. That is, that there are no friends on the playing field. You can be friends before the game and after the game, but not on the field of competition. On the practice field, you must instill this same mindset into your staff and players.

You and your staff will gain new insights into:
  • How to win against better teams
  • How to trap and misdirect opponents
  • How to design useful strategies
  • How to devise effective tactics
  • When to attack & how to defend.
This book contains the true and real secrets of competition. Within are guidelines to effective training, thinking, planning, and execution. The details presented here remove uncertainty and confusion from your game plans. Every problem now has an answer; every difficulty has a responsive plan.

The Art of Personal Competition (buy)

If you seriously want to become a key team player; this book provides the guidelines to effective training, preparation, planning, thinking, and execution of your sports career.

This is how Sun Tzu would guide your development as a sports player! Apply the philosophy of war to your competitive development!

2,500 years ago, a Chinese general, Sun Tzu, wrote a treatise titled “The Art of War”. It summarized his lifetime experiences of what was important about warfare and battlefield management.

Inside are the secrets of training both your body and your mind to play smarter, act and react faster. With these physical and mental advantages, you will:
  • Win against better players
  • Trap and misdirect opponents
  • Design useful strategies against unsuspecting opponents
  • Devise superior tactics and counter-tactics
  • Attack efficiently and effectively
  • Defend aggressively with focused intentions
This document will change your viewpoint on how and why you train yourself.

The Art of Politics & Campaigning (buy)

Are you interesting in being a candidate for an elective audience? If you apply this translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War for political campaigning, you can significantly improve your chances of winning.

Discover effective processes to gain support from opinion leaders, raise funds from supporters, and manage campaign staff. Learn how to plan to "October surprises", prevent your campaign from going being forced to be defensive.

Learn how to manage the reality of the political environment: catch spies, create chaos within your opponent's organization, and even handle infiltrators from your opponents. When opponents and their supporters attack you, your beliefs, and/or your standards, this book explains how to turn their attacks, accusations, innuendos, and intimidation attempts against them.

Learn how to:
  • Size up and profile opponents
  • Identify and solicit donors and contributors
  • Devise tactics that are bullet-proof
  • Develop plans for any contingency (no matter how stupid)
  • Market and promote yourself to the media
There are thousands of books on the political process (some are even useful). This book will make it easier to run a campaign, manage regional and local supporters and volunteers. This book will provide a realistic and effective plan that will improve your chances of winning any situation when you are competing against others for a position, whether it is in politics or business.

Study this book along with the Psychology of Gamesmanship.